I’ve just finished this~ They look so cute together watching a film~ Don’t you think~? but maybe IA it’s too into it

“Why don’t you come here and face me?”

yo amo a cul XD

"We need a larger variety of Vocaloids for all different languages. Japanese Vocaloids are getting to be boring."

I’m still waiting for an italian Vocaloid and probably I’ll wait forever without getting anything
Happy honey-versary to my favourite Vocaloid~

http://theswedishelf.tumblr.com/post/95276138956/people-often-ask-what-amy-rose-is-even-good-for-as ↗


Sonic Boom looks freaking amazing & I hope it succeeds! I also hope The Chaotix, Silver, Blaze, & Cream and Cheese appear too!

“.: Art Nouveau Hime :." by Kaizeru