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when you make OCs, and later find out they look kinda like characters from an existing series


When you write/think their stories and  later find out they are very similar like characters from an existing series.


When your OCs have been established for years but characters from recent popular shows look very similar to them


July 20 2014, 12am

I'm not really sure if someone asked this already sooo... what do you think of Amy Rose?


Amy is my third favorite Sonic character. Only Sonic and Dr Eggman are more favored in my list of fave Sonic characters.

I think that she is undoubtedly one of the most misunderstood Sonic characters by the fandom easily and her character is not often given the credibility it deserves. But then the thing that compounds that is how her character has frequently not been done justice by writers as evidenced by how copious her flanderization and character derailment has been, morphing her beyond anything she ever was for the worse.

But I digress.

So. Amy.

I think she’s awesome simply put. This “awesome” proclamation BTW only takes into consideration portrayals other than Chronicles and Free Riders, which screwed over her character so hard and stand as examples of how not to write her.

I find it charming how inherently optimistic and determined she is. It shows in droves. In Sonic Adventure, she never really flinched from her determination to reunite Birdy with his/her family regardless of where it took her even when she was being ceaselessly pursued by Zero.

In SA2, her ability to see the good in things and see the bright side as well as her ability to get this across with sincerity is what led to Shadow realizing Maria’s final wish, compelling him to rush to the core to help Sonic and Knuckles and factor into saving the planet.

In Heroes, whenever Cream, Cheese and Big are put-out during Team Rose’s story, she’s the one who gets them back on track, serving as the leader they need. Sure her manner of getting Sonic to marry her was off-putting considering it led to a fight of all things but you know…Amy is a love-addled 12 year old after all.

I like how her big sister-like instinct was a factor in Shadow the Hedgehog when she went into Cryptic Castle to find Cream when she was lost and then helped look for Cheese when he was revealed to be lost.

And despite ‘06’s copious issues writing-wise, I’ll still give aspects of that game’s character portrayals credit where I feel it is due. I still hold the view that the game’s portrayal of Shadow was deserving of praise but I also consider it’s handling of Amy in certain ways deserving of praise as well.

She helped Elise when she could even though the mission in which she has to fight her way to the castle when Eggman looms over Soleanna with the Egg Carrier threatening to level it if Elise doesn’t surrender herself led to naught, you can’t fault her for trying ultimately.

And what about the manner in which she has the determination to find a Chaos Emerald in a world literally being torn apart at the seams, braving a section of White Acropolis with all of it’s searchlights, box-tossing ‘eyes’ and Iblis monsters all for the sake of saving Sonic? Not to mention how she had the restraint and right priorities to allow Elise to bring him back from death even if it resulted in a kiss. In fact, any palpable form of jealousy is evidently not present in her mind in any way, shape or form - Just look at how she’s praying that the ritual is successful;


The game’s canonicity isn’t relevant to this because sensically they’re already inherent in Amy’s character.

I think the big sister-like defensiveness shows itself again in Riders in which Amy was legitimately pissed-off at Wave for dissing Tails when it came to the Extreme Gear he constructed to the point of racing Wave to get her own back for Tails’ sake. She may not have canonically won in the Babylon story but how can you possibly hold her contemptible for trying?

In Unleashed, it may not have been explicitly revealed in the story cutscenes but Amy does express regret for not recognizing Sonic when you speak to her outside Spagonia University. I’ll also note that she says that Sonic’s physical appearance, the ‘package’ in her words matters not to her because he’s still her Sonic; He hasn’t changed at all in heart and mind and she doesn’t consider him ugly, just surprised at his new form.

Yet again Amy’s optimism and complete faith in Sonic shows wonderfully when she tries to console Professor Pickle when Dark Gaia reaches it’s perfect form and starts spreading darkness across the planet. She asserts with great credibility that Sonic would never let it end like that and is proven correct, Pickle even giving her her dues in regard to that.

I love how sweet she is in Lost World, consoling the Picky who is sad and expressing great concern for the other little animals. Let’s not forget how she not only clearly exhibits faith in Sonic AND Tails but she also thanks Sonic AND Tails as well, she’s not fixated on Sonic at any real point in the story. She has her priorities straight.

Simply put, Amy is an awesome character who’s been blighted by bad writing that her detractors focus on rather than her positives. She’s NOT the ditzy airhead her naysayers make her out to be. She’s NOT a complete bitch that has a all-consuming fixation with Sonic and/or subduing him with her Piko Piko Hammer and there’s a lot more to her personality and traits than her crush.